Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Recommend aftercare product: AVEENO Moisturizing Lotion

Leave bandage on your new tattoo for 4-6 hours (at artists discretion). This is the only bandage you will ever want to have on your tattoo, it needs to breathe.

Remove bandage in proper setting, you will need hot water and a mild non-deodorant soap such as Ivory or Dove (no perfumes or dyes), then follow these cleaning steps:

a) First start by unwrapping your Tattoo, wash tattoo with sanitized hands, hot water and soap. Wash thoroughly until the slick slimy film referred to as plasma is completely washed off.

b) Rinse with hot water then a final cold rinse which tightens up the pores.

c) LET AIR DRY - pat around the tattoo with a clean towel.

d) Wash Tattoo 2 times daily, shower is considered a wash. Quick showers are best. Do no blast with high pressure water. Soaking your tattoo in water will result in a mushy scab which is not recommended.

e) Let Tattoo dry out for 24-48 hours with no lotion (only wash with soap and water.

f) Once 24-48 hour period is over, after you wash, let tattoo dry out for at least 1 hour before applying Aveeno lotion. Your tattoo will tighten and become annoyed, apply lotion by massaging into the Tattoo. Do not let the lotion sit on the surface and do not over lotion but keep moist. High motion areas will require more attention.

g) Apply lotion 2-3 times daily. If during the healing process it becomes itchy, massage lotion into your tattoo. Do not pick or scratch your tattoo.