Helpful Healing Tips

Your tattoo will peel like a sunburn, and possibly scab; both are normal during the healing process.

Re-place your bedding; sheets hold a lot of dirt particles and are damaging to an open wound.

Stay out of Hot Tubs, swimming pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, baths, anything wet and / or chlorinated or fun for 3 weeks.

Keep out of direct sunlight for at least 5 weeks. Use sun block SPF40 or stronger until death. Moisturize until death. This will keep the appearance of your tattoo looking sharp and appealing.

Sunlight and UV rays are as corrosive as bleach to your tattoo.

All work is guaranteed PROVIDED clients comply 100% with this aftercare regime.

Do not listen to your friends, they don't know shit. Call the shop directly with any questions or concerns regarding your healing process.