Keith Winterbottom

Tattooer / Artist / Owner of C.C.T.

Keith began his career in 2000. Soon afer high school he apprenticed "old skool street shop style" under Donny Day at Rising Sun, also from Adventure Tattoo. With various stepping stones along the way, C.C.T. was established in 2006.

C.C.T. began as a small Tattoo shop and with Keiths hard work, determination, and loyal clientale he expanded to a larger venue in 2010. With over 2000 sq. ft. we offer two full time Tattoo booths as well as a Guest Spot booth which is often frequented by talented and reputable Tattoo Artists from across Canada.

Keith works by appointment only, so he can sit down and discuss ideas and ensure each client is 100% satisfied. Each Tattoo is custom designed transferred by the clients vision using Keiths style which ranges from skulls to colour realism, black and grey evil to pretty flowers.

When Keith's not at the shop, he spends his time with his young daughter River on different journeys from forts made with blankets to outdoor adventures like camping and fishing.

Keith focuses on all forms of art through courses, reading, Tattoo seminars and Tattoo Conventions. Aside from Tattoos, Keith tries to think outside the box on different mediums used for his painting, sculpting, and creations.

Keiths ability to create solid Tattoos is how we remain Orangevilles Premier Custom Shop.

Keith and C.C.T. are also very involved in the community. We have donated prizes to the Ride or Drive For Hospice Dufferin Charity Motorcycle Ride/Poker Run as well as donating the proceeds of the Dead Things Art Show to the Orangeville SPCA.

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